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  • 100-year-old Chiayi Park

    The beauty of Chiayi - 100-year-old Chiayi Park!
    Cultural highlights of multiple ethnics and multiple dynasties, worth your…..

    Distance 5.6 Km,Driving time 15 Minute
  • Lan tan scenic area

    The most splendid attraction at night – “Moon on Lan Tan”

    Distance 6.6 Km,Driving time 22 Minute
  • Alishan Forest Railway Garage Park

    A majestic train museum, a must-visit tourist spot if you are fascinated with railway and trains

    Distance 3.3 Km,Driving time 11 Minute
  • Smart Fish

    Specialty that can only be found in Chiayi, this restaurant has been opened for over 40 years.

    Distance 3.2 Km,Driving time 11 Minute
  • Chin-shen Bistro

    The owner of the bistro insists on all the ingredient provided are from local areas. With less transportation distance for the ingredients, the vegetable on the plate….

    Distance 2.6 Km,Driving time 9 Minute
  • Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR)

    This station is the THSR station provided for the residents of Xibei area of Tainan city and coast area of Yunlin county.

    Distance 13.1 Km,Driving time 19 Minute
  • Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA)

    Chiayi Station is located in the west district of Chiayi city, one of the stations among the western line of TRA, Forestry Bureau Ali…

    Distance 2.3 Km,Driving time 7 Minute
  • 花見鮨 (Hua-Jian-Yi)

    Supreme Fresh
    Japanese Cuisines.

    Distance 0.5 Km,Driving time 2 Minute
  • Hinoki Village

    Japanese old houses renovated to light up the livelihood of Chiayi and its surrounding areas.

    Distance 3.5 Km,Driving time 11 Minute
  • Southern Branch of National Palace Museum

    For “Balance of the north and the south; balance of cultural knowledge”, improve the popularization of cultural, educational, social knowledge in center and southern Taiwan.

    Distance 15.2 Km,Driving time 20 Minute
  • i-Wood Village Tour Factory

    i-Wood Village was cypress factory back in the 60s located in Chiayi, Taiwan, it once went through the prime time of Taiwan economic..

    Distance 3.7 Km,Driving time 9 Minute
  • Sleep Forest Theme Park

    These adorable animals are designed by the famous graphic artist: SMART (Chuang Shih-Tang…

    Distance 3.6 Km,Driving time 12 Minute
  • 嘉義文化創意產業園區


    Distance 2.0 Km,Driving time 7 Minute
  • 嘉義舊監獄


    Distance 4.0 Km,Driving time 12 Minute
  • 咱台灣人的冰

    畫家陳澄波的故居,賣著屬於台灣人的挫冰 手工芋園及番薯圓和番薯糖!

    Distance 2.9 Km,Driving time 10 Minute
  • 嘉邑城隍廟


    Distance 3.6 Km,Driving time 13 Minute
  • 大潤發


    Distance 1.7 Km,Driving time 6 Minute
  • 阿里山雞肉飯


    Distance 0.1 Km,Driving time 1 Minute
  • 家樂福 嘉義店

    汽車保養中心; 寵物寄放服務; 傢俱商品宅配服務; 包裝紙免費提供; 數位相片沖印; 帳單繳費服務; 婚紗場地租借; 外籍旅客退稅; 腳踏車宅配服務; 大宗採購服務; 享樂券 ...

    Distance 1.7 Km,Driving time 6 Minute
  • 特力和樂(HOLA嘉義店)

    HOLA特力和樂以「生活美學 輕鬆擁有」的品牌精神,提供完整齊全的居家用品品類

    Distance 4.4 Km,Driving time 11 Minute