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Pet room

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Bed: One bed
Size: 3.4 sqm
Price: NT$500 / per night
Occupancy: 1 pet (NT$200/ per extra pet)

Facility DetailsFacility Details

[Fun, Clean, Trustworthy]
  • Located at B1 floor, a special area for your dear pet. Cats and dogs are separated. Each room is decorated with ceramic tile, easy to clean for the best hygiene of your pet.
  • AC provided, make sure the comfortable stay of the pet.
  • Screen window in each room will prevent mosquito from spreading heartworm among the pets.

For Dog
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In each room:
  • Various dog toys
    For them to play inside the room.
  • Mattress of different colors
    Breathable texture mattress with different colors in each room. The sheet of the mattress can be removed and cleansed.
  • Bowl of food/water
    Food bowl and water bowl can be set with preferred height according to the size of the pet making sure that they can eat/hydrate in a comfortable position, protecting their spine.

For Cat

In each room:
  • Cat tree
    Different cat tree in each room for your pet to play with
  • Litter box
    Cleanse every day for best hygiene.
  • Bowl of food/water
    Quality RO(reverse osmosis) water provided for your pet: Ordinary water may have too much minerals in it and these minerals may become a burden for pets’ bladder or even causing urethral calculi in a worse case.

Pet room requires prior reservation. TEL: 05-2330000